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Thinner Band Hypnosis® Program

As you are no doubt aware, there is an obesity epidemic in the United States. There are many reasons for this, from increased consumption of processed foods and sugar to lack of exercise to just bad habits. All too often, people try to eat healthy and work out regularly - and still cannot escape obesity. Obesity feels inescapable, hopeless - but it’s not.

It is personally unique as each client brings to the program individual needs, causes, reasons and triggers for improper eating habits. Therefore, each session is specifically designed to address all that you bring to us consciously and subconsciously, knowingly and unknowingly, wittingly and unwittingly.

Since obesity often leads to serious health issues, including diabetes, it’s understandable why some people even resort to surgery to lose weight. The most common such surgery is called Laprascopic Adjustable Gastric Banding. According To Johns Hopkins Medicine, it involves a surgeon placing: a band around the top portion of the stomach, leaving a very small pouch available for food. The small pouch means that you feel full after eating only small amounts of food. This will help you lose weight. As its name suggests, the procedure can be adjusted and even reversed.

However, any surgery can have harmful - even life-threatening - effects. When the whole purpose of the surgery is to make you feel fuller with less food, you can intuitively infer that the real issue is mental - not physical.

That’s where the advantage of my THinner Band Hypnosis program is especially clear: you can achieve the same result of feeling full with less food (and thus lose weight) without any of the complications of surgery. During the session, I’ll tap into your subconscious mind to convince you that your stomach is halved, as if by a gastric band. Your mind then proceeds to treat your stomach as halved, while physically you are still whole.

It’s truly fascinating how the mind responds to proper triggers when hypnotized by a qualified professional. I accompany my hypnotic substitution for the gastric band surgery by actual hospital sound effects and use additional props to fully program your subconscious mind into believing that I surgically shrunk the top portion of your stomach. Moreover, hypnosis programs your brain to think that the stomach will continue to be shrunk as needed - creating an ongoing reduction in the desired food consumption until a healthy level has been achieved.

In practical terms, this will help you fight cravings, avoid gorging on snacks or junk food, and generally stop overeating. The biggest mental benefit my clients report is a lasting increase in self-esteem and confidence. The end goal is not just to reduce weight to a healthy and desired level, but to reduce stress and be able to enjoy a fuller, healthier life.

Everyone looks into their own mirror. Therefore, my hypnosis sessions will also enhance your inner image, so that while you’re shedding pounds and losing inches in our program - your self-image will grow healthier. This internal transformation works alongside the external one to give you courage and confidence to transform your life in any way you choose.

The hypnotic gastric band or tap-band surgery is performed with hospital sound effects, and a pink golf ball and wrist medical alert band are used as further triggers to program the subconscious mind that the top portion of the stomach has now been "shrunk", and shall again be tightened in the future with band adjustment. Invaluable techniques combat cravings, snacking, over eating and eating of improper foods. Self-esteem and self-confidence are strengthened and elevated to heights that continue rising day after day throughout Life. This is truly a Life Enhancement Program for more than weight issues are resolved.

Dr. Natalia Shmidt


There is a reason so many people come to Dr. Shmidt for hypnotherapy after their other treatment options elsewhere have failed. With extensive training, certifications, and licensing in key areas of alcohol and smoking cessation, pediatric hypnosis, and thinner band hypnosis, she is able to achieve remarkable and consistent results in patients after only a few months of sessions.

Research has shown that, in those who are hypnotizable, hypnosis affects certain brain regions. As a result, hypnotherapy is able to openly examine - and modify - behaviors. This allows trained practitioners like Dr. Shmidt to improve people’s lives by reprogramming the brain into positive, quality of life enhancing behaviors.

The modification of behavior leads to a healthier lifestyle where positive actions happen naturally. This is the essence of Dr. Shmidt’s unique and powerful expertise.

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