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Parts Therapy

Advanced technique of hypnosis

You don't know where you're going until you know where you've been.

Old English Proverb

Strange things happen to all of us: non-smokers developing asthma, people without prior addictive habits suddenly becoming compulsive gamblers, and so on. Why do we suddenly develop illnesses or bad habits? And is it really completely unexpected?

The short answer: It’s not. As you may recall from Psychology 101, our past experiences (childhood trauma and mommy issues, for example) affect our current mental state. And it gets worse - our physical state is similarly affected (including things some consider chronic illnesses).

Parts Therapy owes its name to the various parts of which our subconscious mind and personality are composed. A properly trained hypnosis specialist knows which part affects which behavior. In case of an alcohol issue, it's possible to identify the part that blocks your brain from normal use of alcohol and pushes it to consume too much.

We all have things that happened to us in the past - things we may not have even paid much attention to at the time, but which subconsciously programmed our mind to behave in a harmful way. Sometimes this initial psychotrauma manifests itself right away, but more often it takes years to come to the surface as a bad habit or illness.

Humans always strive for self-improvement. However, with certain health issues, there is a part of our psyche preventing this positive change. During my Parts Therapy session, I program positive changes into this part and unblock the process of improvement. By giving the part with the psychotrauma a new set of habits, I rewire your brain to work in your favor via positive behaviors.

Parts Therapy deals with deep-seated trauma. Releasing this trauma is exactly what makes Parts Therapy so effective. Because of its high effectiveness, especially for hard-to-treat conditions, Parts Therapy is perhaps the biggest breakthrough in American hypnosis.

People often turn to Parts Therapy after other options have failed. Even in the most difficult cases Parts Therapy can be very effective because it goes to the core of the problem. For example, a common sign that you may need Parts Therapy is when you feel that a part of you wants to slim down but another part is craving cake. This craving is caused by the negative part connected to a deep-seated psychotrauma that is blocking your desire for positive change. Similarly, every smoker goes through multiple attempts at quitting - each time self-sabotaging in a moment of weakness. This unwanted behavior is a result of the existence of the negative part. Parts Therapy is an exceptionally effective way to reprogram the negative part, remove the block, and achieve positive changes.

Because Parts Therapy is such an advanced technique, it should be only done by qualified professionals. This is where my many years of practicing Parts Therapy really work to your advantage. Thanks to these advanced hypnotherapy techniques, I was able to help hundreds of people get relief from deep-seated trauma and achieve positive results. My Parts Therapy method is based on the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy program certified and approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Education.

Dr. Natalia Shmidt


There is a reason so many people come to Dr. Shmidt for hypnotherapy after their other treatment options elsewhere have failed. With extensive training, certifications, and licensing in key areas of alcohol and smoking cessation, pediatric hypnosis, and thinner band hypnosis, she is able to achieve remarkable and consistent results in patients after only a few months of sessions.

Research has shown that, in those who are hypnotizable, hypnosis affects certain brain regions. As a result, hypnotherapy is able to openly examine - and modify - behaviors. This allows trained practitioners like Dr. Shmidt to improve people’s lives by reprogramming the brain into positive, quality of life enhancing behaviors.

The modification of behavior leads to a healthier lifestyle where positive actions happen naturally. This is the essence of Dr. Shmidt’s unique and powerful expertise.

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