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We often remember you as both a wonderful human being and a top specialist. We remember how you helped many people. To this day, thanks to you, Lyuda doesn’t have that horrible trigeminal neuralgia pain that tortured her half her life. We wish you the best - good health, happiness, success, and that you continue helping other sufferers.

Lyuda and Vlad Sh.,

Kyiv, Ukraine
We just had our holiday party at work. Everyone was drinking, open bar, and in every previous year I would get drunk. It always ended really bad. But this year I had zero desire. Not even one shot. I felt so good and the day after too. It’s like a completely different life, so much healthier. Thanks to Dr. Shmidt!

Steve K.,

Brooklyn, New York
I tried everything to quit drinking. AA, going to church… but just one bad day and I found a bottle. So bad waking up and don’t remember what happened the night before. Dr. Shmidt is magical. I stopped drinking and don’t want to drink. It just worked. I wake up and feel good. I see vodka or cognac but don’t want it.

Alex M.,

New York, New York
For 22 years I smoked at least one pack every day. I couldn’t imagine myself not smoking. But the coughing got really bad and I’m afraid of cancer. So I tried the patch but still wanted to smoke. Broke after a week. I heard about Dr. Shmidt from a friend who quit smoking. She said she doesn’t even want to smoke now. I laughed at her. But it’s true!! Dr. Shmidt got me to quit smoking. Finally! I’m so happy!

Diana S.,

Staten Island, New York
Losing weight is so hard. I really try to eat healthy and exercise. It’s just too much weight. I get really hungry and have to eat. And surgery is scary. So I Googled alternative ways to lose weight and saw Dr. Shmidt’s website. It sounded weird but I read many articles about how hypnosis really works. So I tried it - amazing! I don’t know what she did but I feel full after eating very little like maybe one third of what I used to eat. And I can see my body shape getting smaller. So cool. Definitely recommend.

Helen B.,

Brooklyn, New York
All my friends are getting facelifts. I’m really into the natural lifestyle: eat vegan, do yoga every day. I’ve tried acupuncture 5 years ago for back pain. And then i heard about acupuncture for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Shmidt explained everything and I’ve been going to her for 7 sessions now. Wow! I feel 5 years younger and look too. Some people are afraid that it’s painful, but I knew it’s not. It’s like taking a nap and waking up young. Feel so beautiful - thank you Dr. Shmidt!

Anna A.,

Brooklyn, New York
What I loved about Dr. Shmidt’s hypnosis is that it’s not just one session and that’s it. She stays with me, giving me a program, explaining the process, following up to make sure I don’t relapse. It’s the best support I’ve ever received. And the hypnosis is very effective.

Dave P.,

New York, New York
Why didn’t I come to Dr. Shmidt earlier!? It’s night and day. Couldn’t quit smoking for 10 years. Did everything. I don’t know how she does it but her hypnosis works like a miracle. I’m really happy and already recommended her to three friends.

Irina N.,

Staten Island, New York
Today is my 2 year anniversary of not having a single drink. So I just wanted to write to you to thank you for your amazing work. You took me on when everything else failed and I almost gave up. Thank you for believing in me and being so good!

Josh P.,

Brooklyn, New York
It’s amazing how I lost 67 pounds in less than a year. All the years I tried every diet and nothing worked. I don’t believe in special diets anymore. Dr. Shmidt and her program helped me get rid of bad cravings. They are all gone! The hypnosis Dr. Shmidt did with me helped me not feel hungry when eating just enough food, smaller amounts. I also exercise and together it really makes a big difference. Thank you!

Lily M.,

Brooklyn, New York
I wanted to write to you and thank you for helping me lose 32 pounds in just 7 weeks after taking your hypnosis program. I can’t even say how excited I am! I am so excited! Feel so much better and happy! So thank you for being there and believing in me.

Stella B.,

Staten Island, New York
Hi Dr. Shmidt. I just want to update you on my progress. Everything is going according to your eating plan. And it’s working really well. I lost 78 pounds (can I get two more down by Thanksgiving? I think so!). I really can’t thank you enough for all you did. I feel so much in control and not frustrated like I always was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Anna C.,

Marlborough, New Jersey
I can’t believe that I was able to give up soda and sugar. Since your hypnosis experience, I eat healthy, high-protein food. And for drinking, only water. Protein shakes in the evening also really help give me the nutrients I need without too many extra calories. I’m even avoiding bread. And the best part is that I don’t even want any of those bad foods. The cravings are gone. Thank you very much!!!!

Iania R.,

Marlborough, New Jersey
I visited you last month (the 14th, I believe) for hypnosis to stop smoking. I haven’t touched a cigarette for a single day since then. I don’t want to. There are no cravings, no desire. I see a pack of Parliament - and no feelings at all. Thank you Dr. Shmidt, you are the best.

Alexandro L.,

Brooklyn, New York
Dr. Shmidt, I just want to say that after that stopping alcohol drinking session of hypnosis we had on March 5, 2014, I have not touched the bottle. I wish you a Happy New Year! The work you do for everyone is amazing. Thank you!

Larisa S.,

Brooklyn, New York
Dr. Shmidt, I just want to say that after that stopping alcohol drinking session of hypnosis we had on March 5, 2014, I have not touched the bottle. I wish you a Happy New Year! The work you do for everyone is amazing. Thank you!

Victoria W.,

Los Angeles, California
You believed in me when nobody else did. My wife said I’d never be able to quit. My own wife! Even my brother didn’t believe I could do it. But I was ready and you made it happen. After your Ihypnosis session in April, I quit and never looked back. My family is still shocked. I bet my brother thinks I have a secret stash. No, just don’t want it anymore. You really are a true professional and my whole family appreciates the work you did.

Linda G.,

New Hampshire, Connecticut
I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s actually true. I’m smoke free. Free! Finally! The patch was a waste and quitting cold turkey was torture - and without success too. But after my hypnotherapy session that you did, I felt totally empowered to help myself and quit. And I’m so happy I did. Smoking kept me from enjoying life. Instead of being healthy, I was coughing, miserable, and always nervous. Now I have a much more healthy lifestyle.

Margarita G.,

Washington, District of Columbia
I first came to Dr. Shmidt for a smoking problem. It really worked so well that I didn’t drink since. I also saw that she helped people lose weight so I came back. And again she did it! I lost 30 pounds and actually feel ok with my body. This was part of my reason for smoking too. So full circle I guess. I tell everyone about Dr. Shmidt - it’s amazing how many things she can make better.

Ted B.,

New York City, New York
I am a seventy five year old retired Navy veteran. Because of my milItary career, my back is a mess, with fractures, and many painful issues. I’ve had more surgeries that I could count. My last one was just over two years ago, but the pain remains. Sound Therapy sounded very strange to me but I wanted to try something different than all the pain medications. After my first treatment I felt really good. So much pain went away like I took a really strong pain killer. I was hooked right there. Now I tell all my buddies and family about the Tuning Fork. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never done it, but the sounds and vibrations are, well, magical. Five treatments in and I’m feeling more relaxed than I’ve ever been in my life. I look forward to every new treatment session. Without a doubt, this is the best and most effective pain treatment I have ever done. Dr. Shmidt is very gifted, and I am grateful for her work.

Mark B.,

Tenafly, New Jersey
I would like to thank you for your hypnotherapy's huge difference Dr. Shmidt has made to my life. I no longer feel an urge to drink when I am stressed after work and can now, for the first time, put a cork back in a bottle of wine and leave some for another day.

Pauline E.,

Paterson, New Jersey
I had a big drinking problem over several decades. I didn't really remember a time when I wasn't drinking. I spent a lot of time thinking about stopping drinking, but each time I tried to stop, the alcohol withdrawal got the better of me as the cravings were so strong. Giving up alcohol seemed impossible. But the hypnosis alcohol help has changed that, to my surprise. Now my drinking is under control, and so is my weight.

George L.,

Bloomfield, New Jersey
I was always the last to leave the party and hardly remember anything about what had happened. I was desperate to change but found I could not stop drinking now or ever it seemed. But that changed with the hypnosis to stop drinking. I feel happier and more in control. I am thrilled. I can go to meet friends and know I will come home sober at a sensible time. I would recommend your hypnotherapy, Dr. Shmidt, alcohol program to a friend.

Sharon L.,

Houston, Texas
Every day I was being offered alcohol by mums at the pickups from playdates, after a school football match, work events, friends, and families' houses. To say 'no' to an alcoholic drink would make me sound like a weirdo. But since I have started doing those alcohol hypnotherapy sessions, I don't care what other people think. I just drink a small amount, have more fun, and have the confidence to be myself without alcohol too. I think many people are alcoholics or verging on alcoholism but don't even know it. Is it normal to drink a bottle of wine per day, but now I don't think so. Thank you, doctor!

Maria I.,

New York, New York
Really impressed with the results of the alcohol hypnosis appointments, very pleased. I never imagined I could leave wine in the bottle and not feel the urge to finish it. The hypnosis recordings work really well at relaxing me.

Jenny J.,

Seattle, Washington
I found an addiction center that wanted $5,000 to help me reduce alcohol addiction. I felt it was too extreme, and I didn't have the money. Dr. Shmidt made it easy in 4 hypnotherapy sessions to get back in control. I did the follow-up techniques which helped me with all areas of my life.

Gareth U.,

Montclair, New Jersey
I use to drink a bottle of whiskey per night plus beers on top. I haven't touched a drop of whiskey since the hypnotherapy alcohol sessions. I feel really in control, just having a couple of beers occasionally. Thanks, Dr. Shmidt! I am really impressed with the changes. I couldn't have done it without hypnotherapy.

Jo M.,

Brooklyn, New York
Why didn’t I come to Dr. Shmidt earlier!? It’s night and day. Couldn’t quit smoking for 10 years. Did everything. I don’t know how she does it but her hypnosis works like a miracle. I’m really happy and already recommended her to three friends.

Irina N.,

Staten Island, New York
My husband thought the alcohol hypnotherapy was too expensive for me to do, but now he thinks it is the best money I have ever spent. I have benefitted from our appointment,s which have made a big difference. I am really grateful for that. Thank you, Dr. Shmidt. Also, I know to follow my own judgement from now on and do things that feel right without being persuaded otherwise.

Jennifer A.,

Trenton, New Jersey
I thought alcohol rehab was the only option to stop drinking until I found your website, and that is when everything began to make sense. Dr. Shmidt, your approach and easy-going attitude made me feel safe and not judged in any way. Your knowledge helped me understand and change my choices. I didn't realize that hypnotherapy would be so helpful my whole life. I am more in control and like my self more. I feel more positive and less guilty about silly things that could have felt monumental in the past, but now I can take them in my stride. The follow-up tools you taught me are valuable at times of stress. I enjoy the hypnosis sleep recordings to get me off to sleep instead of drinking.

Jack C.,

Brooklyn, New York

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